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In today’s ever changing world of technology, it seems that the “IT Guy” has become the most valued resource to help everyone in their time of need in the workplace. It may be from a simple update that did not install correctly to a small mistake or setting that has changed. Everyone cannot be expected to be able to do their own job as well as be able to provide themselves and others with computer support.


This is were we partner up with your company and fill the place of the your inside support person. With are service contracts, we can provide you with 24 hour support and weekly scheduled visits. A quick call and we can remote in or put the wheels in motion to fix most issues efficiently and cost effectively.


In most cases it is extremely expensive to house an inside knowledgeable service person that can handle all of your technology concerns. With an outsourced or complimented service contract, this can be achieved and save you money and frustration in the long run.


IT is only what we do and we can compliment your existing personal or offer you a complete solution to act as your whole IT Department.