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We have taken an excellent product from Akada software and added it to our Dance School Bundle. This bundle can offer a single or multi computer organization system that will allow for data entry at each location. The workstations also have the option of using a shared music library for studio use, music tempo/pitch control, student and staff attendance, choreography composition, email accounts, posted school calendar and more features to come.


DanceWorks will make managing your school easy, accurate and fun! Your studio will run more efficiently, giving you more time to spend with your students.


DanceWorks' intuitive design makes it easy to:


    * add an account;

    * add students to that account; and

    * enroll those students in a class!


From the Account Screen, you can:

    •  enter a charge or a payment

    •  check payment history

    •  print a statement

    •  send an e-mail

    •  access a student record


From the Student Screen, you can:

    •   enroll in or drop a class

    •   check class history

    •   update student skills

    •   update medical information

    •   view emergency contacts

    •   send an e-mail

    •   access a class record

    •   view the account record


From the Class Screen, you can:

    •  edit class information

    •  view the class roster

    •  add or drop students

    •  enter student measurements

    •  enter recital songs

    •  enter attendance

    •  enter a charge for all students

    •  view the teacher's record

    •  access any student's record



DanceWorks provides over 200 reports, including:

• accounts receivable

• charges

• income

• payments

• school statistics

Allow Just Ask Consulting to arrange a demo with your Dance Studio to discuss all the ways we can help organize and save you time, money and effort while getting you back to what you do.